It's Yoga Time!

Yoga is considered a soothing and gentle form of exercise, without this meaning that it can not pose challenges that reward body and mind. The good news is that there is a kind of yoga for everyone.

What does yoga mean to you? For some people it is synonymous with mild stretching and relaxation. For others, it is about strengthening, flexibility and coordination of movements or it is a hard workout. It all depends on the type of yoga you choose - and you have many options. However, one thing is for sure: yoga is an excellent exercise, which can offer you unique benefits and challenges.

What kind of yoga to choose? There are many, but we have selected three basic types that will interest you no matter what energy level or difficulty you are looking for:


Hatha: Calm Power

Hatha yoga strongly promotes the connection of mind and body. This is a completely traditional practice based on slow, controlled and focused movements, while using the breath and calming the mind. For many yogis, Hatha is the first type of yoga they try and often remains their favorite way of exercising physically and mentally. 


Ashtanga: Dynamics

There are many variations of this type, but traditional Ashtanga yoga is based on a set of movements that alternate in the form of a continuous flow, with each movement being directly related to breathing. If you like to follow a specific routine, this type of yoga that gives energy and empowerment is right for you. Ashtanga fans love this species both for its relaxing properties and for the challenges it poses to the body.


Bikram: Demanding

Bikram yoga (or hot yoga) is a challenge that is unlike any other. It relies heavily on traditional Ashtanga yoga in addition to the element of warmth. The Bikram type exercises the body through sweat, while the warm environment helps to strengthen the stretches and results in greater flexibility, sculpting and strengthening. Although it is not the ideal choice for a beginner, those who practice this type of practice say that they do not change it with anything!

Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. In addition, as yogis will tell you, it is an ever-evolving exercise that can be demanding and satisfying on a daily basis.