Nutrition tips to find your form again!

Our daily life has changed dramatically in the last year, as a result of which we neglect some of our healthy habits. But how do we get our diet back on track? The secret is to make changes to our healthy lifestyle that favor healthy eating, both now and in the future. Below you will find nutritional tips that will help you regain your shape with new healthy habits:

ü  Continue healthy cooking at home

A positive element from last year, is that more people started cooking at home. Even when restaurants reopen, cooking more meals at home will help you maintain more nutrient-rich foods throughout the day. This means that you can enrich your cooking with fruits and vegetables, but also healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado and fish, whole grains and legumes high in fiber, and lean protein foods, including whole grains and . Although for many of us cooking is tedious, new experiments in the kitchen with fresh ingredients and new recipes can make healthy eating delicious and fun.

ü  Enjoy healthy food outside

Until we return and can eat in restaurants, many of us turn to ready-made food from outside for a change in our daily lives, but also to support local businesses. Instead of using orders as an excuse for your eating disorders, try to choose meals that are more in line with a healthy eating plan. Take time to choose meals that include plenty of vegetables and lean protein, such as a mixed protein-rich salad.

ü  Contact people who do the same

When it comes to dieting or dietary changes in our daily weight loss habits, it is important to keep in touch with people who, like you, want to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The truth is that it becomes more interesting to share favorite healthy recipes, or to talk about the daily challenges, concerns and temptations you face as well as support even from a distance, can help in substantial changes in your lifestyle. Social media can offer you a variety of choices from nutritionists, chefs and experts they know and can help you with tips for a healthy lifestyle.

ü  The secret is preparation

When you work from home, the temptations are more and you unconsciously want a snack or eat unhealthy foods, because it is the easy and quick solution. But it is just as easy to make a healthy snack if you are organized and have all the necessary ingredients ready. For example, you can put carrots and celery in your fridge along with some hummus, and you immediately have a healthy and quick snack. Also, a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter can be a healthy snack. In addition, you can cut an apple, a banana and nuts and make a quick and healthy protein drink. Planning meals can be time consuming at first, but this way you are much more likely to follow a healthy eating plan throughout the week. This can help if you equip your refrigerator, freezer and cupboards with healthy options.

ü  Start a healthy lifestyle with Herbalife Nutrition products

The new generation of Formula 1 drinks Herbalife Nutrition, which was created in response to the increased demand for healthy eating and more nutrients, as they provide 18g of vegetable protein per serving, offer 4g of dietary fiber and cover at least 38% of the recommended intake of 25 vitamins and minerals. It offers flavor, quality, nutrients and plant ingredients with simultaneous reduced calorie intake. If you follow a vegetarian diet you can also add them to your diet as they are made from vegan ingredients, while they do not contain gluten and artificial pigments. All this without compromising on taste and nutritional quality, providing proper nutrition, convenience and taste in a delicious drink in 9 different flavors! In addition, Herbalife Nutrition has products for every moment of the day, such as protein bars, savory and sweet snacks with high protein content and all the necessary elements in vitamins and minerals.

The last year has been difficult on many levels. Do not blame yourself if you gained weight or if you did not exercise as much as you would like. Also, if you break away from your healthy eating plan for a while, regroup and move on. Strengthening your body with the right nutrients and regular exercise, are healthy habits that you can maintain. Motivate yourself by knowing that it is one of the best things you can do for yourself!