Yogurt Cups with Fruit and Protein
  • 6 tbsp. Formula 3 Personalized Powder Proteins **
  • 3 cups lean strained yogurt
  • 140 gr. fresh raspberries
  • 140 gr. fresh blueberries
  1. Mix yogurt and Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder in a large bowl.
  2. Place around 12 muffin trays, made of paper or silicone, in a baking tray.
  3. Put with a spoon in each case of 2 tbsp. about yogurt mixture and then pour a few pieces of fruit into each tray, pressing them lightly to penetrate the yogurt.
  4. Put them in the freezer until they solidify (about 2 hours).
  5. Once frozen, they are ready to eat!
Nutrients per Serving:
Calories (kcal) Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g) Sugars (g) Edible fibers (g) Protein (g)
Per portion 66 8,1 1,4 8,2 4,0 1,1

* Note that the nutritional value presented in this recipe refers to a portion prepared with the quantities of raspberries and blueberries included in the recipe

** Our product can yield all the nutritional benefits described on the product label only if it is prepared according to the instructions on the label